Saturday, March 28

Mother's Day and Christmas

Yes, I said Christmas! [ha!] I know it is a little soon to be thinking about the holidays, but most of you know that I am a photographer during the summer months and when I am doing senior sessions, it is a very busy time for me. I have decided that I will not be able to do silhouettes during those months [unless I can talk Tabetha into letting me teach her how to do them--come on, Tab :)]

With that said, here are the time frames that I will be creating silhouette designs this year...

You may submit pictures from today until Friday, APRIL 10. If your images are emailed to me by APRIL 10, I can guarantee delivery and enough time to have custom jewelry pieces designed by Tab in time for Mother's Day gifts.

Any images received after APRIL 10 will not be designed until OCTOBER. I will accept images again beginning OCTOBER 1 through NOVEMBER 1. Any images emailed to me within that time period will be guaranteed Christmas delivery for both designs and jewelry.

Thanks so much for understanding. If I can talk my partner into taking over for me while I'm doing photography, I'll let you know :)




Tuesday, March 10


Do you remember "Tonic" from Stephanie's post about animals? Well, this Tonic. He was featured on an equestrian piece I made for Priscilla's sisters' 60th birthday. We made her silhouette in vintage copper and it turned out beautiful. Remember, Stephanie can make them of any person, at any age, or pets for that matter.

Saturday, March 7

Christian & Saylor

Enjoy Holly~

...Most silhouettes, like these, are in traditional black and white...remember Steph can make them in any color you request. How unique could yours be?

Thursday, February 19

Ginger Dunn

Ginger Dunn has been holding on to these silhouettes for about twenty years.

We made them into something very special. Together, we chose to use them as focal points on crystal and vintage copper. I am so pleased with the finished product.

Now, she can wear this and be reminded of when her children were tots.

Thank you Ginger for sharing these heirlooms silhouettes with me.
And for the rest of you- ask Stephanie to make yours today so you, too, will have them when your children are grown.

Monday, February 16

In the Works-

Copper, Swarovski and vintage pieces will make up a one of a kind treasure for Ginger Dunn.

These together will feature silhouettes of her children. I hope the finished product will be one she will cherish for many years.

I can't wait to show you all.

Monday, February 9

Silhouette Tip - Animal Silhouettes

Today's Silhouette Tip - Have a silhouette designed of an animal you love.

This is Tonic--our first animal silhouette done as a surprise birthday gift for a client's sister. {Click on each silhouette to see full-sized images}

We loved two poses of Tonic and was having a difficult time deciding which one to use, so we ended up using them both.

Such a beautiful boy!

Wednesday, February 4

Silhouette Tip - Search Through Your Old Photos

Today's Silhouette Tip -Search through your old family photographs and create a silhouette of a family member as a child. Have Tabetha create a charm bracelet with you, your mother, your grandmother, your husband, and children all on it together. Create a bracelet for your daughter with silhouettes of her parents and grandparents as children.